UFOs and UAPs Are Real

UFOs and UAPs Are Real

UFOS AND UAPS ARE REAL. The government has been covering this up for well over 70 years. It is an understandable action based on the military being unable to control our sovereign airspace. What government official, what president, what general or admiral wants to admit they are unable to intervene if these visitors come too close to our nuclear weapon launch facilities, or air force bases, or our ships at sea, or our military aircraft?

There’s an excellent book written by Lt. Col. Phillip Corso, which credibly reveals the extraterrestrial hypothesis as a reality. If you have even a passing interest in the topic of UFOs it will fill in the blanks for you. The original publish date was 1997, and the book is titled “The Day After Roswell”. In 2017, gun-camera footage of UFOs, now referred to as UAPs by the government, were leaked to the media. Subsequently, in 2020 the government officially declassified the footage and released it to the public. However, the military provided no explanation of what these objects were – leading to considerable speculation. Congress has pressed the military to explain what these are, but very little headway has been made. A retired Air Force Major, who was a former Intelligence Officer, testified before House lawmakers in July, along with two former fighter pilots, as to the reality of these objects. The Major testified of his awareness of decades-long cover-up of alien craft and body recovery, as well as “back engineering” of the technology. This information is consistent with Corso’s 1997 memoir – “The Day After Roswell”.

Much has been made of what the public reaction would be if the military/government complex were to be forthcoming about recovered alien craft and bodies, and keeping it under wraps for the last 70-80 years. Some fear a panic and societal melt down; which was a topic raised in a Brookings Institution report decades ago (1960) commissioned by NASA. However, others think that in our modern age with our scientific axioms in continual change-mode has removed the danger of such public reaction. Most people now accept rapid change as the norm. The panic that was once feared is not likely to materialize with our current generation who see phenomenal change in technology on a regular basis.

Some have concerns that the Christian religion would crumble. Conspiracy theorists have postulated that the Catholic Church secretly keeps extensive UFO information hidden and has done so for decades to prevent the collapse of the Church. Contemporary religious fiction, no doubt, contributes to such theories or rumors, but I’m unaware of any credible information of such secrets. Besides, there is ample documentation of strange flying objects in biblical times featured in the Bible. Unidentified Flying Objects and religion are more compatible than many might imagine. Since Christians believe in an all-powerful God what created the universe, there is no reason to believe our tiny, but beautiful, planet Earth is unique in the ability to support life in all of creation – to the contrary!

In my own nearly lifelong interest in this topic, I subscribed to every UFO research organization I could find out about. As well as reading every book and magazine I could find when I was a kid, and, on into adulthood. I had always wanted to write, and thought someday I would be able to write a book that provided some proof with a clear, objective argument for the existence of UFOs as a genuine phenomenon.

As the years passed, probably sometime in my 30’s, I wrote a note to self: “Without the government admitting what they know, it will be impossible to write a coherent book on the topic, short of a landing in my backyard.” Without hard physical evidence and declassification of materials, I could not write with the authority I would be comfortable with. My concluding note to self – “The government will never admit knowledge of these vehicles because they intrude on our airspace with impunity. Nor will they admit crash site retrieval of the wreckage or bodies”. As I suggested at the beginning, to admit to the American public that the military can’t control our airspace or defend the country from a foreign invasion is unthinkable for them. The public might abandon the view of government as our ultimate protection. This might be bad for budgets and votes. Government officials would have to eat a lot of crow and take responsibility for decades of cover stories and falsehoods in the name of “national security”. I do not deny the need for secrecy for a time to protect America from our Earthly enemies. The truth is they could own the secrecy by saying it was necessary at the time – without exposing current programs vital to our security, which no red-blooded American would want anyway.

I’m certain the government would have popular support for just telling the truth about it all – aliens, space ships, back engineering, without revealing current secret projects. I hope a new generation of leaders and warfighters will step forward with honesty – again without divulging our classified weapons and technology. In doing so they can restore their credibility, and regain the confidence of the American people.

My follow-up article will discuss my own experience with the unexplained, as well as those of acquaintances and family members.

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