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Gary Sorg was born and raised in a small central California farming town.  Before entering law enforcement full-time at the age of twenty-three, Gary had a plethora of “real-life” experiences, growing up knowing farm/ranch work; his social security contribution records start at age nine as a manual laborer.  He was an average student in school; one of the “bad-boys” who managed to stay out of trouble with the law.  Later working as a service station attendant/mechanic, importer entrepreneur, heavy equipment operator, “pressman” in a cotton gin, vacuum cleaner salesman, liquor store clerk, and Pepsi delivery truck driver.

He spent twenty years with the Merced County Sheriff’s Department, with assignments in the jail, patrol, detectives, undercover narcotics, public information, training, supervision, administration and special assignments, retiring at the rank of lieutenant.   During that time, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Correctional Counseling.

Gary went on to a nineteen plus year second career in Sacramento with the State of California Department of Justice – Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, developing programs for all levels for law enforcement statewide.  Gary currently lives with his wife Janie in a community north of Sacramento.  When not working on a manuscript, Gary enjoys traveling with Janie, Bible study with friends, riding his motorcycle, target shooting, and time with family.


I Don’t Have Cancer When I’m Sleeping is a must-read for anyone experiencing a cancer diagnosis personally or with family. Gary shares his heart, opens the window to the process, and painstakingly and powerfully shares the hope that keeps living and fighting for life. I have pastored for over forty years, and I found this book personally helpful.

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I Don't Have Cancer When I'm Sleeping
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I Don't Have Cancer When I'm Sleeping

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in America. Chances are you know or have walked with someone who experienced cancer in some form. I Don’t Have Cancer When I’m Sleeping is about a Noreen’s fifteen-year journey with cancer, as well as her family background of cancer, diagnosis, treatment, and the emotional impact cancer had on her life and spouse. While challenges and difficulties are part of life, it requires courage to stay the course. For readers who are looking for support, context, help, and hope, this memoir is for you.